Faith-Based Help

“Faith can make a huge difference.”


I enjoy providing private marriage counseling weekend retreats to couples of all faiths, Christian or otherwise.

At the same time, I feel that I have something special to offer couples who share my Christian faith and who want to do a retreat with a Christian marriage counselor. For these couples, I weave Christian marriage counseling principles into their weekend intensive retreats.

In my 30-plus years working as a marriage therapist with distressed couples, I have observed that faith can make a huge difference in healing a broken marriage. It can give a couple hope for a future together and strength for the journey back to wholeness.

Also, when one spouse has been let down or betrayed by the other, a secure relationship with a loving God can give that person the courage to trust again.

What if you don’t want a Christian approach on your private marriage counseling weekend intensive retreat? Then I’ll help you within the context of your own beliefs, whether religious or nonreligious. As a marriage counselor I’ve had great success working with people from a variety of faiths, as well as those who do not hold to any particular faith.

However, if you do want a Christian approach on your Colorado Marriage Counseling Weekend Intensive, then I will give it to you. A faith-based emphasis could help to save your marriage and make it all it was meant to be.


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